Fare la Latte Art serve?

Is making Latte Art necessary?

The birth of the term Latte Art in Italy can be associated with the name of Luigi Lupi, a trainer for a long time and the first Italian Barista champion.

Today the Latte Art technique is fundamental for the professionalism of a good barista, and by technique we mean the one learned from professional training courses.

Of course, following video tutorials like this one is not wrong, but to correct mistakes from the beginning and start off on the right foot, or perhaps it is better to say with the right grip, the course must be done in presence and by qualified people that they can teach you at least the correct basics, much faster.

Serving a drink with a good appearance is then gratifying, not only for you who do it, but also for the customer, let's always remember that the eye wants its part! ;)

It's not just about aesthetics, to create a design correctly the quality of the frothing and the management and control of the milk are essential. Milk in particular must be stored at its best and heated only once.

The first question that usually arises is: to create these figures, don't you give up the amount of cream?

Let's start immediately by dismantling the myth of the all-foam cappuccino: cappuccino, macchiato or Cortado are drinks, so they should be drunk and not eaten! The amount of foam must be the right one, no more and no less.

The frame must be compact, shiny and silky, free of micro-bubbles which will give our drink a velvety and soft composition.

Latte Art or crown of espresso around the milk cream, does not change the amount of "froth". Tasting the milk cream and the coffee together is the first step to feeling the tactile sensation you've never felt before.

Another spontaneous question may concern time, how long does it take? Don't you lose too much?

The time dedicated to creating simple designs in Latte Art will in any case be limited given the decision with which the pouring must be made, too slow the elasticity of the cream will be lost.

Can you make a cappuccino or an espresso macchiato with a well-defined figure on the surface? Meanwhile the milk jug and spear can you keep them clean?

If the answer is negative to at least one of the questions, the thing you have to do is enroll in our Latte Art course below

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