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Coffee Value Assessment course

Coffee Value Assessment course

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After three years of research and development, SCA is evolving the tool that the world's industry uses to discover the value of coffee. The Coffee Value Assessment offers a comprehensive, 'high resolution' picture of a specific coffee across four types of assessments, completed separately to avoid bias, and is now available for 'beta testing' as part of an early adopter programme, following its launch at SCA's Specialty Coffee Expo in Portland, OR in April 2023.

Driven by SCA's sustainability agenda, which emphasizes the equitable distribution of value throughout the supply chain, the system aspires to be a powerful tool to help measure and facilitate the assessment and distribution of value. The system simultaneously integrates advances in sensory and coffee science, making it for the first time compatible with scientific research, and lessons learned from an extensive user perception research project conducted with the specialty coffee community.

Despite its broad reach in the coffee industry, the 2004 SCA cupping system had not been thoroughly researched or substantially updated since its inception – and SCA is committed to improving its tools to improve market access and fairness throughout the specialty coffee supply chain. The new Coffee Value Assessment, an evolution of the 2004 SCA Cupping and Grading Protocol driven by the results of a user perception survey conducted on 1600 cuppers worldwide, was tested by groups of cuppers in Latin America, Europe and United States in 2022.

This course will guide you in the world of Coffee Value Assessment by explaining how to fill in the forms and for what uses it was created, also testing your skills as a taster with practical tests.

The course is theoretical/practical (after the practical part and the demonstration you will work personally, supported by the Tutor, with the equipment) and is addressed exclusively to those who already have skills in the sensory analysis of coffee (Q graders or professional cuppers), it is not an entry level course.

The Coffee Value Assessment Course includes:
  • basic lunch
  • use of professional equipment
  • certificate of attendance
  • handouts to review after the course
  • didactic material (pen and notebook)
  • … and of course we remain available for any doubts you may have in the following months!


The course does NOT include:
Other details:
  • Trainer: Davide Cobelli
  • Duration: 14 hours, two full days.
  • Participants: maximum 8
  • Language: Italian
  • Course price: €600 no included certification and tax
  • Course venue: Coffee Training Academy – Via Basso Acquar 30/C, 37135, Verona ( reach the venue )


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