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Professional Roasting Course

Professional Roasting Course

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This Professional Roasting course is great for those who want to acquire a professional level of coffee roasting knowledge and skills.

The course will be based on the following learning objectives:

Gain a deeper understanding of heat, heat transfer, and a more specific understanding of the physical, chemical, and sensory aspects of green and roasted coffee.

Discover the more subtle aspects of profile roasting and how different parts of the roast cycle affect the physical and chemical aspects of the coffee.

Provide the knowledge and skills needed as a manager to plan and execute quality control, create a range of products to meet different customer segment preferences, calculate production costs and plan and execute lean manufacturing.

Prerequisites: it is recommended that participants have worked for at least two years in contact with coffee roasting before approaching this level, ideally around the age of three to five.


The intermediate course of Roasting is compulsory.

Sensory Skills Basic and Intermediate (strongly recommended)

Green Coffee Base, Intermediate and Professional (the latter highly recommended)

Sensory Skills Professional (recommended)

Base Toast (recommended)


The course provides the key information to enable you to take the Roasting Professional Certification which consists of 5 short practice exams and a written test (35 questions with an 80% pass rate required). Successful students will receive 25 points towards the SCA Coffee Diploma.

The Professional Roasting Course includes:

  • basic lunch
  • use of professional equipment
  • participation certificate
  • handouts to review after the course
  • didactic material (pen and notebook)
  • … and of course we remain available for any doubts you may have in the following months!


The course does NOT include:

  • membership of SCA, if necessary (the prices displayed for certification are reserved for SCA Members), which is to be paid separately via form.
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Other details:
  • Duration: 21 hours (including SCA final exam), two days.
  • Participants: maximum 4
  • Language: Italian
  • Course price: €1600 (contact us for discounted prices)
  • Price of the SCA certification (25 Credits for the Coffee Diploma): €205 (Price reserved for SCA members)
  • Course venue: Coffee Training Academy – Via Basso Acquar 30/C, 37135, Verona ( reach the venue )


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